"Signs from Berlin"
presentation at the Jewish Museum in New York 2003/2004,
depicting the memorial "Places of Remembrance" in the Bavarian Quarter,
Berlin-Schoeneberg, Germany (inauguration 1993)

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Two lightboxes, 2003 (see above)
(showing two maps, depicting the years 1933 + 1993,
surrounded by eighty signs with English texts and dates)
size 60" x 48" each (jeweils 1524 x 1220 mm)

video - image video - text looking at the 80 signs, 35 minutes (loop)

Double video projection
(video walk + corresponding English translations of the German texts on the back of the 80 images)
"Places of Remembrance - Memorial in the Bavarian Quarter /
Orte des Erinnerns - Denkmal im Bayerischen Viertel", (video 2003)

special thanks to Ellen Flamm for that presentation at The Jewish Museum New York

> lightboxes (see above) on loan to the Princeton University Art Museum,
right now installed at
East Pyne (> audio file) - entrance hall, 2. floor -
next to the Department of German

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images & texts © Stih & Schnock / VG Bild-Kunst / ARS, NYC